There are settings within Sage 50 Canada that can effect the tax amount when a bill/invoice is published from AutoEntry through to the company file within Sage 50 Canada.

Users within Sage 50 Canada can set individual tax codes as 'Included in Price' and 'Not Included in Price':

Currently, AutoEntry will post all bills/invoices as if the tax code has been set as 'Not Included in Price' (even for codes set as ‘Included in Price’). Therefore, regardless of the option selected, AutoEntry will currently publish the net value, and the tax will then be calculated based on the tax code selected in AutoEntry. 

An update to the integration will soon be released so that AutoEntry will work correctly with tax codes set as 'Included in Price' i.e. so that the total value is posted through to Sage, and the correct tax figure is calculated.

Until this update is released, users with a tax code set as ‘Included in Price’ can continue working normally by temporarily creating a second equivalent tax code in Sage 50 Canada with the same properties as the original tax code except with 'Included in Price' not selected. By selecting this second tax code in AutoEntry, the net amount will be sent through to Sage and the correct tax calculated. When the update is released, these tax codes can then simply be deleted in Sage.

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