While AutoEntry can integrate with the partner edition of Sage Business Cloud Accounting there is no direct integration at the minute (due Q1 2020). The integration can be very simply done by either the end client/user or the accountant/bookkeeper using the Sage Partner edition.

To clarify the users:
User - Owner or invited user of either AutoEntry or Sage
Client - Acct/Bkkpers client. 

Where the client is not to be a user of either Sage or AutoEntry
In this case, you're looking to integrate AutoEntry with Sage with no intervention or involvement from the client:

The best option here is to use an alias email address that you can create users in both AutoEntry and Sage where the verification emails will still come back to you to verify and log into the accounts as a unique user. We'd recommend a password system that follows a process that you can use the same password per alias and that can be easily remembered.

If using Google Mail (Gmail), you can add a plus '+' to your email address to generate a unique email address. For example, our support email address is support@autoentry.com. We can add a unique user to AutoEntry and Sage using the plus symbol and then a unique name such as support+client1@autoentry.com or support+client2@autoentry.com etc. or you can use the clients name in place of client1. Anything unique really. Unfortunately, this system does not work with Office 365 but you can sign up to Gmail for free and use that inbox just for the integration mails. 

Then invite each alias to AutoEntry and Sage. Verify and activate those accounts in both AutoEntry and Sage. Essentially, you're logging out of both products and logging in using those alias email addresses as a unique user. You can then do the integration with Sage in AutoEntry and once complete log out again and back in with your normal account. 

Where the client is to be a user of Sage

  • In Sage, Invite your client as a non-participating user.
  • In AutoEntry, invite your client as a user to their company.

The client needs to accept both invites via the automatic mails sent from both Sage and AutoEntry and complete the sign up to both products. They now have access to both their org in Sage and AutoEntry. 

To Integrate their company to Sage:

  • Log in to both Sage Accounting and AutoEntry in separate tabs
  • In AutoEntry, click on 'integrations' and click connect for Sage Accounting.
  • Click confirm to allow AutoEntry access to their Sage data.

As the user is already logged into Sage there's no need to re-enter credentials, the integration is fully automatic from there.

Once complete (it takes maybe 30 seconds at most), the AutoEntry integration page returns and the process is complete. The user can log out of both packages, no further interaction is required. The accountant/bookkeeper (Partner edition owner) can now use AutoEntry as normal with no contact or intervention needed from their client if required.

To add the client as a user in Sage Partner Edition (whether using an alias or real client details):

From the Partner Client List click on 'Assign User' for that organisation and a menu to the right appears. Click on the drop down for 'Manage':

 Then select 'Give Client Access' from that menu:

A pop up will appear to add the email address (twice) for the client or alias you're adding and that's it! Log out of the Partner edition and log into Sage using that email address. Log into AutoEntry with that email address and go through the integration with Sage there. Once integrated, you can log out of both packages and back in with your normal accounts. 

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