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Integrating to SBCA Partner Edition
Integrating to SBCA Partner Edition

Steps to integrate companies in AutoEntry with companies in SBCA Partner Edition.

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If you are using Sage Business Cloud Accounting Partner Edition there are two ways you can create and integrate companies to AutoEntry. This can be done either through Sage itself or through AutoEntry.

Creating and Integrating companies through SBCA Partner Edition

When viewing your list of clients in Sage, click on the client name and a popup appears on the right:

In the pop-up, there's a link direct to AutoEntry. If you already have an AutoEntry account it will guide you through creating the company in your AutoEntry account and automatically sets up the integration to Sage at the same time. If you do not have an AutoEntry account already it will step you through the quick process of getting set up on a free trial to try out AutoEntry also.

The final step of the process will ask if you want to set up just the company you originally clicked on or if you want to set up any other clients at the same time. In this way, you can set up multiple clients in AutoEntry, fully integrated and ready to use, at the same time.

To add additional clients to AutoEntry you can either click on the AutoEntry link as shown above or by clicking Add Company in AutoEntry.

Integrating to Sage Partner Edition through AutoEntry

When in AutoEntry, you can create companies as normal using the Add Company button on the homepage. The Integration process is the same by clicking on integrations for that client and connecting to SBCA. A full drop-down list will show all your clients in Sage from which you can select the client you wish to integrate with.

Additional Information

When connecting through AutoEntry to a client in Sage, you must either be accessing that client in Sage or on the main Partner homepage (showing your full list of clients). If you are accessing a different client in Sage, only that client will be available to integrate with. Simply return to your partner homepage and integrate again and the full list of clients to choose from will become available to select from again.

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