For users of the QuickBooks Online Accountants App Program with AutoEntry.

As you'll be aware, as of 12th of August 2019, QuickBooks discontinued the accountant app program through QuickBooks Online Accountants. Don't worry you can still use AutoEntry to automate your data entry into QuickBooks in exactly the same way, we will just need to migrate your account and billing to AutoEntry.

We're making this migration on Friday 30th August 2019 to change your account over from a QuickBooks Accountant App Program account to a normal AutoEntry billing account. 

  • All your client accounts will be added to your billing account automatically as companies
  • Log in details remain the same for you and your clients
  • QuickBooks included a 20% discount through the AAP which we are continuing to offer for 12 months (to 31st August 2020)

What do you need to do?

Actually, very little! We're contacting all of our QuickBooks Online Accountant clients by email and phone to explain the process but also to ensure that if you have any questions or queries, we can answer them for you there and then. Once the migration is complete on Friday 30th, in order to continue using AutoEntry you simply need to add a subscription to AutoEntry (the QuickBooks Online Accountant charges have been automatically stopped by QuickBooks) under your account.  If your client is the billing user of their account you will need to invite them to their company in AutoEntry and ask them to add a subscription as below.

In AutoEntry: 

  • Click on your user menu to the top right
  • Select Account Settings
  • Select the Subscription and Billing tab 
  • Click on 'Add Subscription'
  • Select the subscription level you require
  • Enter your details and add the subscription

User Menu:

Then Add Subscription:

If you need any help or have any questions in the mean time, do please let us know. Pop a question in the webchat to the bottom right of the screen and we'd be more than happy to help. 

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