On 27th September 2019, we announced that Sage Group Plc has acquired AutoEntry. This is exciting news for us here at AutoEntry as well as Sage. The AutoEntry management team along with all employees will remain and continue as your primary point of contact. 

That's the official bit but what does that mean for you, our AutoEntry customer?

Absolutely nothing changes!

Sage has committed to accelerated investment in AutoEntrys' products and technology. AutoEntry is just going to get better and better!

But I use Xero, QuickBooks, AccountsIQ or any non-Sage package?

Again, nothing changes. AutoEntrys' eco-system remains fully open and independent. All integrations will benefit from the accelerated development of AutoEntry. It will only get better. 

Is AutoEntry going to be more expensive?

No! It'll still be at the same great price. 

Who do you contact if there's a problem?

We're not going anywhere! Same staff, same great team! AutoEntry support and training is for all our customers whether you're a Sage user or not.  

Do you have to be a Sage customer?

Nope! In order to deliver the best experience for our customers, AutoEntry will not only continue to deliver their service to everyone as usual but will be able to rapidly invest to make your experience even better. Importantly, if you use accounting software that is not delivered by Sage, this news also benefits you. Sage’s investment in AutoEntry’s technology will enhance the experience for all our customers, spanning across the independent and open ecosystem, so you can still use the accounting software that best meets your needs.

We promise you... We're still the same product with the same great people, serving the same great group of customers. Nothing changes, no one is excluded, we're not ignoring anyone just because you don't use Sage! Our team is growing significantly to the benefit of you, our valued customer. 

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