Welcome to AutoEntry! 

First things first, we'd love to say Hi! 

We've laid out the videos below as a step by step guide through AutoEntry. 

First off is getting you set up:

  • Creating a Company - Very first step, if you haven't done so already, how to set up a company or client company on AutoEntry. Watch the video

  • Integrating to Your Accounts Package - To get the best from AutoEntry, we would recommend integrating to your accounts package but you can still use AutoEntry if not! Watch the video

  • Company Settings - Once integrated, there are some great features here that can automate your use of AutoEntry even further. Watch the video

  • Adding Users and User Permissions - Why should you do all the work? Keep those data protection gremlins at bay by granting access to those who need it and not share your passwords about the office. Watch the video

Once setup is done, lets' get to the good stuff:

  • Uploading Documents - How to upload your documents to AutoEntry. Watch the video

  • Purchases Folder - This is a big one and one of the main modules within AutoEntry. For all your purchase invoices, bills, receipts and credit notes.
    Watch the video

  • Supplier Statements Folder - Close cousin of the purchases folder, you can automate your supplier/vendor statements automatically here. Watch the video

  • Bank Statements - Big ticket item no.2. Full extraction of your bank and credit card statements that you can import the data to your accounts. Watch the video

  • Expense Report Folder - For personal, reimbursable expenses for you, your colleagues/staff and of course for your clients and their colleagues too. Easily manage monthly expenses and finally bring an end to bunches of receipts stapled to half filled in expense reports! Watch the video

Don't forget, if you have other questions or queries, pop a message to us through the webchat below (the blue bubble to the bottom right of the page). We're always more than happy to help.

All of the above videos are also listed below:

Creating A Company

Integrating to your Accounts Package

Company Settings

Adding Users and Setting User Permissions

Uploading your Documents

Purchases Folder

Supplier Statements Folder

Bank Statement Folder

Expense Report Folder

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