A duplicate check is an automatic process that occurs when AutoEntry attempts to publish an invoice/bill through to Sage 50 to ensure that the invoice does not already exist in AutoEntry.

Applies To

  • Sage 50 UK&I users publishing invoices.


If the invoice/bill exists in Sage, an error will pop up informing the user that the duplicate has been detected, and the invoice will not publish through to Sage.

AutoEntry has implemented an option for selecting a limit on the time period that the duplicate check is performed on for the Sage 50 UK&I integration users. The current automatic process scans the full company file, and if the file is for an extended time period, the speed at which the publishing of an invoice occurs can be affected.

Therefore, the new option allows the user to perform the duplicate check on a custom period basis e.g. 13 months. This option will significantly increase the speed at which an invoice is published to Sage.

Additional Information

  • By default, this setting has been set to blank, meaning there is no limit and when checking for duplicate invoices/bills within Sage 50, the full company file will be checked.

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