This article will show you 7 key features of AutoEntry that can help you automate your data entry even further.

1. Email Auto-Forwarding

Set up emailing/auto-forwarding of invoices to your unique designated AutoEntry mailbox addresses.

2. Document Fetching

Set up fetching connections with your suppliers, allowing you to automatically sync and download supplier and/or bank documents into AutoEntry.

3. Auto-Suggested Codes

Enable the auto-suggestion settings for supplier accounts and tax codes.

4. Remembered Supplier Settings

Save β€œRemembered” rules per supplier.

5. Auto-Publish

Set up auto-publishing of invoices per supplier.

6. Default Supplier Settings

Set up default settings per supplier (e.g. currency, due date, description).

7. Line Item Settings

Extract line items and set up line item rules per supplier.

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