The AutoEntry Sync App is a windows desktop application that is downloaded to your computer to allow integrations or connections with certain accounting packages.
The AutoEntry Sync App is required as Sage 50 is locally stored on your computer and not connected to the internet. The sync app provides the connection between Sage and the cloud for AutoEntry to publish your invoices through.

If you are working from home, you may no longer have access to your server that has the AutoEntry sync app installed. This would result in you having to download the sync app on your own local machine. When running the sync app on your local machine, you could run into issues such as not being able to see your shared drives or the integration not working. Here are some solutions to address these issues.

Download and Integrate with Sage 50 UK&I

Here you can find a step by step guide on how to download the AutoEntry Sync app along with a guide on how to integrate (here)

Changing the start-up type

When connecting your company file in the Sync App, if you cannot find the relevant folder if on a network drive or server you can change to the Console Application. When running as a Console Application you simply need to open and log into the sync app each time you want to publish invoices from AutoEntry to Sage 50.
The steps for this can be found (here)

Setting up a domain user

If you do not wish to have the AutoEntry sync app running as a console application and prefer it to run as a service in the background, You can set up a domain user that has full read/write access. You can find the full guide (here)

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