In AutoEntry, we've built in a 3 stage duplicate check to try to ensure no duplicate invoices or bills are published through to your accounts package.

Applies To

  • Purchase invoices.

  • Sales invoices.


We automatically check your documents at three points:

  • At point of upload (see here)

  • During the extraction process (see here)

  • When publishing to your accounts package (see here)

Each of these steps are designed to catch any duplicate invoices before arriving in your accounts package. At the point of upload AutoEntry recognises if a specific file has been received before and stops processing the file. For individual invoices, where the uploaded file has not been received before, the following fields are used to verify if an invoice is a duplicate or not:

  • Supplier/Vendor name

  • Invoice Number

  • Invoice Date

  • Gross Total

Duplicate invoices are shown either in the Activity page, Rejected folder or with a warning sign in the inbox, depending on what stage of the process they were caught as a duplicate at.

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