When processing individual invoices/bills through AutoEntry, it will recognise any duplicate invoices that may have been uploaded in error as the second step in it's duplicate check.
For AutoEntry to catch a duplicate, it uses the following 4 fields to confirm that the document is a duplicate:

  • Supplier/Vendor name

  • Invoice Number

  • Invoice Date

  • Gross Total

Where these four fields match then the document will be marked as a duplicate and rejected. You can find these invoices in your rejected folder with the following notice that it was a duplicate invoice:

If you're unsure, you can view the image using the link to the left and over-ride the duplicate check and force the invoice through to the inbox by clicking on the 'Move to Inbox' button to the right. The Activity Page will also show the item as rejected too:

As the full extraction and verification is done before an invoice can be confirmed as being a duplicate, any rejected invoices/bills consume a credit as normal. 

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