When adding a client company to an Azets office HQ account, here's the 3 specific steps required when setting up a client company in AutoEntry.

Step 1 - Adding the Company

To add a company, simply click Add Company to the top left on the homepage and enter the company details in the top 5 fields, scroll to the bottom and click the blue Create Company button. Ensure the correct Billing Account is selected in the first field. This will be the email address for your HQs AutoEntry account holder. If you are an invited user, do not use select your own email address.

If your HQ owners email address is not available for selection, please contact them to grant you access to create companies on the HQ account. Please do not 'temporarily' set up a company in your own name as transferring it back to the HQ is very difficult.

Step 2 - Adding Client ID Number

Once created you'll see the new company in your list of client companies. Now click on the settings cog to the left of the company name, scroll down to the Additional Details section and add the Client ID/CCH number, select if they're Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly clients and then click Save:

Step 3 - Integrating to the Accounts Package for that Client

Finally, if required, on the same page as the Additional Details fields above, scroll to the top of the page and click on Integrations and click Connect to the package you're using for that client. You will need permissions to access that client on the accounts package in question but this is generally already granted.

Once connected you can return to the home page and start inviting users/clients to that company and uploading their documents.

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