The standard rate of VAT in Ireland will be reduced from 23% to 21%, effective from 1 September 2020 to 28 February 2021.

There's a few points to note for continued use of AutoEntry during and after the changes are in effect. The main changes will occur within your accounts package provider and your first step should be to consult their guidance on the setup and handling of suppliers and invoices etc.

Essentially, AutoEntry will not change. It will still extract the Net, VAT and total figures from your invoices uploaded and it still fully integrates with all accounts packages as before; however there are a few points to note when the new VAT rate is introduced:

Getting the new VAT rate into AutoEntry:

AutoEntry does not automatically populate changes in your accounts package into AutoEntry. To update the VAT rate changes in AutoEntry, once made in your accounts package, simply go to the integrations page and click on the 'Re-Sync Data' button. This can take a few minutes to complete and any new VAT rates already set up in your accounts package will be found in the regular drop-down.

Remembered Settings:

You may have already saved settings for suppliers with your old VAT rate. For supplier invoices that have the new 21% VAT rate, these simply need to be remembered again with the new 21% rate selections. There is no need to delete previously-remembered settings as these will not apply where 23% VAT is present on the invoice, and will be needed again for transactions after 28 February 2021.

Invoices with incorrect VAT rate in use:

Where an invoice is presented with the old rate, AutoEntry will extract that figure as normal, and if 23%, any remembered settings will be applied. We would advise caution before posting invoices to ensure that the supplier has applied the correct VAT rate before publishing through. The invoice data can be edited before publishing if required or edited in your accounts package. AutoEntry does not provide a warning or rate check that the correct VAT rate is in use.

Duplicate Invoices:

AutoEntry uses the gross total of an invoice as one of the criteria for recognising duplicate invoices. If the same invoice is uploaded twice with the old 23% and the new 21% VAT rate applied, these will not be flagged as a duplicate as the gross totals will differ. Therefore, caution is recommended when uploading updated invoices and before publishing invoices through to mitigate any errors with duplicate invoices.


If you use AccountsPrep, please refer to AccountsPrep - Irish standard VAT rate change.

And if you do have any queries, of course, please let us know through the chat bubble to the bottom right.

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