This article will provide useful information for US customers requiring line items on Purchase Invoices/Bills.


Where line item extraction is required, and there is a separate sales tax noted on the bill, AutoEntry will divide that sales tax equally across all the line items on the bill. It will not add a new line to the bill for the purposes of adding a sales tax line.

Where the sales tax needs to be accounted for, on the integrations page in AutoEntry, you can tick the box that you account for sales taxes. The tax code system will then be visible in AutoEntry as a third drop-down menu that the correct tax code can be selected per Bill and per line (where line items are extracted). This way, the sales tax is properly accounted for against the specific item it was incurred on to improve the efficiency and reporting of your taxes in your accounting software.

Additional Information

If you require an individual line showing the total tax, with no tax split across the individual line items, this would need to be entered manually as an extra line item and the individual lines edited to remove the tax apportioned there.

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