AccountsPrep Analysis Tags

Supplement your coding with another level of analysis.

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Analysis Tags give you another way that you can analyse your transactions in AccountsPrep! With Analysis Tags you can define your own set of custom tags, and use them in addition to Chart of Accounts Codes and Tax Codes.

Applies To

AccountsPrep users looking to give more information about how their transactions need to be reported for tax purposes, or simply as an extra dimension for your management reporting.


The use of Analysis Tags is optional and you can enable them in your company at any time. To do so go to Settings > Analysis Tags and toggle the Analysis Tags enabled button. You can then set up your Analysis Tags.

Features of Analysis Tags

  1. Nominate a default Analysis Tag.

  2. Mark Analysis Tags as active or inactive.

  3. Quick-code Analysis Tags (like with Account and Tax Codes).

  4. Include Analysis Tags in Single Journals.

  5. Run reports filtered by Analysis Tag.

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