This article will provide the steps required to export an IIF file from AutoEntry's Bills folder, and import to Reckon Accounts Hosted.

Applies To

  • Reckon Accounts Hosted users uploading Bills to AutoEntry.


To export the Reckon Accounts Hosted IIF file from AutoEntry, simply select the bills that you wish to export and then Download > Reckon IIF. The file will download by default to your PC's 'Downloads' folder.

To then import the AutoEntry IIF file into Reckon Accounts Hosted, please do the following:

  1. Log into Reckon Accounts Hosted (Single-user mode).

  2. Select 'Upload files' from the toolbox (the floating drop-down on the right-hand side).

  3. Navigate to the AutoEntry export file (in your 'Downloads' folder) and select it - this will then upload into the Q:\Upload folder in Reckon Accounts Hosted.

  4. Go to File > Utilities > Import IIF.

  5. Navigate to the Upload folder and select the IIF file.

  6. The file will import.

  7. The transaction can then be found in Suppliers > Supplier Centre > Transactions tab > Bills.

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