When reconciling a supplier statement, here are the most common reasons why a match may not be found for an invoice.

This invoice has not been uploaded to AutoEntry:

Only invoices that have been processed in AutoEntry will be able to be matched on a supplier statement. AutoEntry will not be able to recognise invoices input directly to your accounts package that are not in AutoEntry.

If you need to reconcile invoices that are in your accounts package but not in AutoEntry, or that have not been received from the supplier yet, you will need to follow the steps in this article.

A supplier account has not been assigned to the supplier statement:

To match invoices to a supplier statement, a supplier account must be selected from the dropdown highlighted below:

A different supplier account has been assigned to the invoice:

For an invoice to be matched to a supplier statement, then the same supplier account must be assigned to both the supplier statement and the invoice.

Invoice number differs:

When using the AutoMatch function, only invoices with the exact same invoice number on both the supplier statement and invoice will be matched.

If the invoice number on the invoice uploaded to AutoEntry differs from the invoice number on the supplier statement, the Find Match option will need to be used (as shown here). When doing so, select ‘No’ beside ‘Search’.

Amount and/or Date Differs:

If the amount and/or the date of the invoice uploaded to AutoEntry differs from the amount/date shown on the supplier statement, this invoice will not be Auto-Matched.

If using the Find Match function shown above, this will allow you to find an invoice with a disparity of up to ±3 days/±10.00. Just choose how much of a disparity you wish to allow from the ±Days/±Amount dropdown before clicking 'Search'.

If the disparity of the amount or date is greater than this, then it is possible to edit the details of the supplier statement as shown here. The AutoMatch or Find Match functions can then be used to match this invoice.

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