If your uploads are still as showing as 'processing' on your mobile app, when these uploads are showing as having been fully processed on the desktop site, no need to worry! If these are showing as processed on the desktop site, this will be correct.

For this to be reflected on your mobile app, please log out and back in.

If these uploads are still showing as processing after doing this, you may need to clear the cache on the AutoEntry mobile app as shown in this article for this to update.

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This is typically caused by a build-up of cache on your device.



Go to:

  1. Settings on your phone

  2. Apps

  3. AutoEntry

  4. Storage

  5. Clear Cache


Go to:

  1. Settings in the AutoEntry app

  2. Clear Cached Images

If no documents have appeared for processing on the desktop site, that would normally indicate that the app was closed before the documents could finish uploading, or that internet connection was lost

The best way to resolve this would be to log out and back into the app, and reupload the files.

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