If you have companies under multiple email addresses and want to move them to one, or If you want to move specific companies to other billing users, we can do this internally for you if you contact our Support team via webchat!

Before transferring billing user access to the new user please ensure the following:

  • The user you're transferring the company(s) to has been added as a user to those companies.
  • All other users have had their access removed from those companies. The change process cannot commence until all other users have been removed.

To remove a user from a company:

  • Click on the 'View' option for the People tab in any folder for the company to be transferred.

  • Click on the edit icon beside the user name
  • Select the company button and using the drop-down select the company to remove the user from
  • Click on 'Remove Company Access'

This must be done for each user with access to the companies to be transferred.

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