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Sage 50 UK&I - Postponed VAT Import Invoices
Sage 50 UK&I - Postponed VAT Import Invoices
For Sage 50 users in the UK&I when using the T18 and T39 tax codes for posting postponed VAT import invoices
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With the advent of Brexit and the new methods of handling VAT on some import invoices across UK borders, Sage has introduced two new VAT codes in Sage 50 for their UK&I customers to use. These codes automate the calculation and posting of VAT in certain circumstances, specifically for postponed VAT import invoices.

In the UK (Sage 50 v27.1+), customers use the T18 VAT code, while the T39 VAT code is for Irish customers. Using these codes enables the automatic association and posting of the VAT amount through Sage 50.

Unfortunately, while this option is live in Sage 50, this feature is currently unavailable through the integration which would allow AutoEntry to publish invoices using these VAT codes.

Applies To

  • Sage 50 UK&I users publishing Purchase invoices with postponed VAT import charges.


To record your postponed invoice, you would need to manually create the invoice in Sage 50. If the PDF is already available in AutoEntry, this can be downloaded and attached to the invoice data in Sage as normal. If invoices are published using the standard VAT codes, these would need to be edited in Sage 50 manually after publishing.

Additional Information

Further details on the changes in Sage 50 can be found below:

  • For UK customers click HERE

  • For Irish customers, click HERE

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