How to Republish an Invoice
The steps required to republish one or many of your invoices.
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If for any reason you need to republish an invoice from your Purchases/Sales folder, this overview will provide the steps on how to republish a single invoice, and multiple invoices at once.

If 3 hours have passed and your invoices have not successfully reached your accounting software, a Republish option will be available from the Actions menu in your Inbox.

Prior to 3 hours after the invoice was first published, please follow the relevant steps below:

Republishing a Single Invoice

  1. Click the green tick icon on the invoice to unpublish it. A pop-up window will then appear, asking you to confirm this action.

  2. To republish, click the same icon again.

Republishing Multiple Invoices

  1. Click the tick boxes next to all affected invoices.

  2. An Actions button will then appear. Click it to open the menu and select Unpublish.

  3. Repeat the same steps, but select Publish from the Actions menu.

Please note

  • Do not click the Re-sync button after republishing documents! This cancels the command and prevents the invoices from publishing. The Re-sync button is only used for bringing codes across from your accounting software to AutoEntry.

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