There are a few reasons why you would need to republish an invoice from your Inbox; you would mostly need to do so if an invoice is not publishing to your accounting software, you have re-integrated your company, or if you are clearing an error message.

This overview will provide the steps on how to republish a single invoice, and multiple invoices at once.

Applies To

  • Purchase invoices

  • Sales invoices


If 3 hours have passed and your invoices have not successfully reached your accounting software, a Republish option will be available from the Actions menu in your Inbox.

Prior to 3 hours after the invoice was first published, please follow the relevant steps below:

Republishing a Single Invoice

From the Inbox

Before republishing an invoice, it will first need to be unpublished.

To republish an invoice from the Inbox, simply click the Publish button again.

From the View Screen

When you are viewing the invoice, you can also click the Publish and Next button to republish it.

Republishing Multiple Invoices

Before republishing an invoice, it will first need to be unpublished.

To republish more than one invoice, please do the following:

  1. Click the tick boxes next to all affected invoices.

  2. An Actions button will then appear. Click it to open the menu and select Publish.

Republishing All Invoices

To republish all invoices, please do the following:

  1. Click the box at the top left corner of the Inbox to trigger the selection menu. There you can select either All documents, only Published documents, or only Unpublished documents.

  2. When you select All, the boxes next to all the invoices on the first page will become ticked. To select all remaining invoices from other pages, click Select remaining invoices on the yellow alert bar across the top of the page.

  3. An Actions dropdown menu will then appear near the top of the folder. When you click on it, select Publish to republish all invoices.

Additional Information

  • Please do not click the re-sync button after re-publishing documents. This cancels the command and prevents the items from publishing. The re-Sync button is only used for bringing codes across from your accounting software to AutoEntry.

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