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How to Hide VAT, Category, Expense Category Codes and Mileage Rates
How to Hide VAT, Category, Expense Category Codes and Mileage Rates

The steps required to mark your mileage rates and categories as invisible from invoice/expense dropdown menus.

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It is possible to hide Mileage rates, VAT/Tax, Category and Expense Category codes on AutoEntry. This essentially marks them as invisible from the invoice/expense dropdown menus in your Inbox, but they will still remain on your Manage Lists page.

How do I hide codes?

To hide any of your VAT/Category/Expenses Category codes and Mileage rates, please do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Lists page from your company homepage.

  2. Select the tab you need from the top of the page (this navigation bar will show different tabs depending on the accounting software your company is integrated with).

  3. To hide a code from the list, simply click on the toggle under the Visible column. Switching this to Off will hide the code from the dropdown menus on your invoices and/or expenses! Any changes will be automatically saved.

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