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Invoices not Publishing to Sage Business Cloud Accounting?
Invoices not Publishing to Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

Common reasons why your published invoices may not be successfully sent to SBCA.

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You have published invoices on AutoEntry, but they have not moved across to Sage within a reasonable time frame.


This is typically caused by the sync between your company and SBCA being stalled.

The sync between AutoEntry and SBCA can stall if it has been at least 30 days since the last sync action. This includes publishing and re-syncing.


If re-publishing the affected invoices does not work, please do the following:

  1. Unpublish any affected invoices.

  2. Go to the Integrate page.

  3. Click Disconnect.

  4. Reconnect to Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

  5. Once you are reconnected, you will need to go back to your inbox and publish the affected invoices again.

  6. Please make sure to NOT click the Re-Sync button after you publish your invoices, as this will prevent them from transferring to Sage.

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