If you need the billing user of a company to be transferred for any reason, we require the current billing user to do the following steps:

  • The user you're transferring the company(s) to has been added as a user to those companies.

  • All other users have had their access removed from those companies. The change process cannot commence until all other users have been removed.

Please let us know via the live support chat, or at support@autoentry.com once complete and we can process the change. It can take up to 48hrs to process through but we will reply here once done. Your access to the company(s) will also be removed during the process. Of course, the new owner can grant you access at any stage once complete.

To remove a user from a company:

  • Click on the 'View' option for the People tab in any folder for the company to be transferred.

  • Click on the edit icon beside the user name

  • Select the company button and using the drop-down select the company to remove the user from

  • Click on 'Remove Company Access'

**Please note: This must be done for each user with access to the companies to be transferred.

We also cannot transfer subscriptions between accounts. Remaining credits from the old billing user can be transferred however, and a new subscription would need to be added to the new billing user's account.

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