If you notice that AutoEntry is not running as smoothly as usual, you may need to clear your browser's data! Below are the steps to do this.

Google Chrome:

  • Press CTRL and H keys together

  • On the left click on Clear Browsing Data

  • Click on advanced tab

  • In time range click on all time

  • Untick all boxes with exception of Cookies and other Site data and Cached Images

  • Click blue button clear Data

All other browsers:

  1. On any webpage press ( CTRL and H ) Keys together.

  2. To the left of the page click on Clear Browsing data

  3. On the box that pops up click on advanced

  4. Where it say's Time Range, select all time.

  5. Now place a tick in the boxes for Cookies and other site data and also cached images and files

  6. Leave everything else unticked

  7. Now click on the blue button for Clear Data

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