Uploading to File Management is much the same as the other folders in AutoEntry but there are a few differences to be aware of.

Uploading to a folder

Firstly, when uploading to File Management, you can use the Upload button on the company home screen.

This will upload files directly to the Root Folder and can be found there immediately once the upload is complete. Please note, the preview option can take a few minutes to work while our database processes the images.

If you have created sub-folders within the Root Folder, you can then move those files from the Root Folder to the sub-folders as required.

To upload directly to a specific folder within the Root Folder, click into that folder and use the Upload button to the top right of the page.

Assigning a File Type

When the upload window opens, to the right hand side is a drop down menu to select the file Type for the documents you are uploading. This will then determine which folder in AutoEntry that file should be processed through when the time comes to submit your documents for processing. It can also be selected per document in File Management after upload if there is a combination of file types being uploaded. Ensure the file type is set before uploading your documents in the upload window.

Accepted Files for Upload

As usual, AutoEntry accepts the following file types:

  • JPG & JPEG

  • PDF

  • DOC & DOCX

  • XLS & XLSX

  • TIF & TIFF

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