Document Dates in File Management

How to set document dates in File Management and the benefit of doing so.

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*Please Note - While Supplier Feeds are shown in images below, this feature is no longer offered by AutoEntry.

When documents are uploaded directly to the File Management folder, no extraction occurs on them. They are simply being stored in AutoEntry at this point.

AutoEntry therefore does not know any of the data contained in those documents, including the document date. AutoEntry will only display the date the file was uploaded.

For ease of retrieval later, or to aid searching for old documents, you can set a document date using the calendar option once the file has been uploaded.

How does this work?

To set a document date, please do the following:

  1. Go to the Root Folder.

  2. Click on the Document Date field next to the relevant document, and select the date using the calendar tool.

  3. To retrieve documents from a certain period, you can use the Choose dates... option to the top right and filter the results by document date; either by selecting a preset (Last 30/60/90 days) or selecting the start and end date manually from the calendar tool.

Additional Information

  • A full overview of AutoEntry's File Management system can be found here.

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