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Adding/Selecting Payment Accounts

If the Mark as Paid function is already present on your invoices, you will see the message 'Payment Account defaults must be set in Integration Settings page.'

Once you have integrated your company, AutoEntry will populate a list of all payment accounts currently in use within your accounting software. To use the Mark as Paid function in AutoEntry, you will first need to navigate to the Integrate tab on the left hand side of the company homepage and click Add Payment Account.

If you do not see your Payment Account list here, you will need to create the payment account(s) in your accounts package, and re-sync your company data on AutoEntry.

Select the accounts you want to make available for payment in AutoEntry from the dropdown menu. These may be your Current, Loan, Credit Card or Business accounts, among various others you use.

Multiple accounts can be added by clicking Add Payment Account again. Accounts can also be removed by clicking the trash can icon to the right of that account's name.

Setting Supplier Default (Mark Multiple Invoices as Paid)

You also have the option to mark all invoices from a certain supplier as paid if you would like! To do this, you will need to go to a supplier's page via your Company Contacts and select the relevant payment methods from the dropdown menus. Then simply click on the toggle under Mark as Paid to switch it to Yes.

Please note: both default payment methods must first be set before you will be able to click on the Mark as Paid toggle.

Marking a Single Invoice as Paid

A single invoice can be marked as paid within the single invoice view.

To mark it as paid, selecting the toggle under Mark as Paid will switch the option to Yes.

  • The options for the Payment Accounts the payment is being published from and to will then appear underneath as shown in the image below.

  • You will need to select the relevant accounts from the dropdown menus.

  • If the default Payment Methods have been set under company Supplier Settings, these defaults will appear.

  • They can be edited in in the single invoice view if required.

  • The 'Remember?' function will ask if these selections are to be remembered for future invoices.

The amount will default to the invoice gross total, payment date to the date of the invoice and reference to the invoice number (if present). These fields can be edited if required. If edited, the blue return arrow appears to the right allowing a quick reset to the invoice defaults!

What is the difference between publishing a paid invoice to Purchases or a Bank Account?


If you select Purchases, this will create a purchase invoice with a corresponding bank payment transaction in your accounting software.

If you select Bank Account, this will not create an invoice in your accounting software, only a bank transaction.

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Please note also that the mark as paid feature is not compatible with our FuseMetrix integration.

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