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Mark invoices as 'paid'
Mark invoices as 'paid'

How to mark that invoices have been paid in AutoEntry.

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There are two different ways you can mark and invoice as paid in AutoEntry:

  • Manually mark a single invoice as paid

  • Set a supplier to default to automatically mark an invoice as paid

πŸ“ŽNOTE: Before you can mark invoices as paid, the payment account information held in your accounting software needs to be synced to AutoEntry and added to your company.

Have you added a payment account yet?

When you mark an invoice as paid, you need to select a Payment A/C. You need to add a payment account first show it shows as an option to select.

πŸ“ŽNOTE: If payment account information isn't available in your accounting software, you need to add it there first.

Mark a single invoice as paid

You can mark a single invoice as paid within the single invoice view.

  1. Click the View button on an invoice in your Inbox.

  2. Click the Mark as Paid toggle to switch it on.
    Two drop down menus appear/

  3. Select a Payment A/C and Publish To.

  4. Publish the invoice.

Set a supplier default

You also have the option in AutoEntry to mark all invoices from a certain supplier as paid.

  1. Click Company Contacts.

  2. Select the relevant supplier from your list to be brought to its settings page.

  3. Under the Payment A/C section, select the necessary information and click the Mark as paid toggle to switch it on.

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