Are credits deducted from my account for documents uploaded twice in error?

Applies To

  • All AutoEntry users who have upload permissions.


When files are uploaded to AutoEntry, we have multiple duplicate checks in place. Whether or not you will be charged credits for a duplicate upload will depend on the stage this duplicate is recognised.

The following applies to uploads to the Purchases, Sales, Expense Reports and Supplier Statements folders:

  • If the exact same file is uploaded twice, this will be recognised before being sent for processing. This will show on your Activity screen with the status File Already Uploaded. In this instance, you will not be charged for this upload.

  • If a different file containing a document that has previously been processed is uploaded, this will not be recognised as a duplicate before the point of extraction. In this case, as the file has only been recognised as a duplicate during extraction, you will be charged credits for this upload.

  • The final duplicate check is at the point of publishing. If an invoice is flagged as a duplicate at this stage, it means the invoice has not previously been uploaded to AutoEntry but has been entered manually to your accounting package, or the invoice has been published already and later republished on AutoEntry. In both of these scenarios, the invoice in question has still been fully processed by AutoEntry and you will be charged for the upload.

The following applies to uploads to the Bank Statements folder only:

  • When a duplicate statement is uploaded to the bank statements folder, and it is recognised as a duplicate upload at the time of uploading, you will not be charged credits for this upload.

  • If the uploaded statement is only recognised as a duplicate at the time of processing, you will have credits deducted for this. However, these credits will be refunded automatically once the statement is rejected as a duplicate.

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