It is possible to split receipt or payment transactions on any line in AccountsPrep.

You can do this by navigating to 'Bank Statements > Unposted' or 'Bank Statements > Statement Batches > Edit'.

Once you are on that screen, click on the split button seen below at the end of the transaction you want to split.

Splitting a payment or receipt allows you to split the amount between two or more accounts.

The demo below shows a simple example of a split payment between two accounts:

Edit Split Transaction

  • You can edit the split at any stage by clicking the link in on the transaction line

  • The split transaction pop up menu will then appear for you to edit as needed

  • Note: you can add additional lines by selecting 'Add Line+' in the pop up menu

Undo/Delete Split Transaction

  • To remove a split transaction, simply click the link to edit the transaction (as described above)

  • Within the pop up menu, click the delete button and confirm you wish to do this

  • The account field will then be empty for you to code again as needed

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