The Simple Trial Balance report shows the figures for the selected reporting periods.

Here are the main points to note within this report:

  • Select the settings button on the title bar to change the display settings

    • You can select to view the prior period Trial Balance also by checking 'show comparative period'

    • You can choose to show/hide zero balance accounts by checking/unchecking 'show zero balances'

    • By hitting 'Preview' it will produce the report for you on a once-off instance

    • By hitting 'Save' it will save these settings for the next time you open the report

  • To the left of the settings button is the Export button. Clicking this will export the on-screen report to excel

  • Click on any account balance to see a breakdown of that balance

    • Note: If you select a prior period balance it will present you a breakdown within the prior period

    • Remember, you can jump between periods using the date dropdown menu at the top of the screen

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