AccountsPrep - Profit & Loss Report

An overview of the Profit & Loss Report in AccountsPrep.

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This article will provide a brief overview of the Profit & Loss report function within AccountsPrep, some main points to note, and best practices for use.


The Profit & Loss report shows the figures for the selected reporting periods.

Here are the main points to note within this report:

  1. Select the cog wheel icon in the title bar to change the display settings.

    • You may select up to three periods (depending on how many prior periods there are).

    • Clicking Preview will produce the report for you on a once-off instance.

    • Clicking Save will save these settings for the next time you open the report.

  2. To the left of the settings button is the Export button, which will export the on-screen report to excel.

  3. Click on any account balance to see a breakdown of that balance.

    • If you select a prior period balance, you will see a breakdown within that prior period.

    • Remember, you can jump between periods using the date dropdown menu at the top of the screen.

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