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An overview of the Journal Summary Report in AccountsPrep.

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The Journal Summary report is a summary of every batch entry.
This includes all journal or batch entries - not just Journals (standard, double and quick journal entries) but also all bank, cheque, deposit, sales and expense batches.

Applies To

  • AccountsPrep integrated companies.


Here are some main points to note within this report:

  • When the report opens, it will load every batch entry (you can filter these in the drop-down menu).

  • For your convenience, the journal batch name/number and column headers will hover as you scroll down so you know where you are on the list.

Account Selection Drop-down Menu

  • You may use the Search box to find journal/batch names (the menu will be filtered as you type).

  • Some tips on journal/batch selections:

    • You can check the boxes of multiple journal/batches at once.

    • Quick buttons -

      • Check all - selects all available journal/batches.

      • Uncheck all - if everything is unchecked, the report loads every entry, but we have it there just to clear the checkboxes for you if needed!


Just like any other report, use the export button to export the on-screen results to Excel.

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