It is possible to cancel or delete a cheque from a batch entry within the period in which it was made.

Cancelling a cheque:

  • To cancel a cheque, click 'Edit' on the cheques batch entry with the cheque(s) you want to delete, then tick the box of the relevant row(s) and select 'Cancel Cheque'

  • You may cancel one or more cheques at once

  • It is not possible to cancel a cheque if it was already reconciled with bank statement data

Effect of cancelling a cheque:

  • Cancelling a cheque simply removes it from the general ledger (no journal entry is done)

  • It remains visible in the batch entry within the Account field

  • So too, it remains in the Cheques Listing with status being 'Cancelled'

  • We facilitate this as some users like to have a complete list of cheque numbers in the system (cancelled or not)

Deleting a cheque:

  • To delete a cheque simply click 'x' on the cheque entry you want to delete

  • The effect will be the same as cancelling (i.e. removes it from the general ledger)

  • However, the difference is it will also be removed from the batch entry and cheque listing altogether

Undo a cheque cancellation:

  • If you mistakenly cancelled a cheque, simply click the red 'Cancelled' link in the Account field

  • You will then be asked if you want to undo the cancellation

  • By clicking 'OK' it will free up the Account field to be recoded to the relevant account once again

The demo below shows a user cancelling two cheques, and then undoing the cheque cancellations

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