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2-Step Authentication Required

Your user account requires 2-Step Authentication.

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Your user account requires 2-Step Authentication. As you do not have 2-step Authentication set up, your access is restricted.


This message which enforces 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for users of a certain company is affected by the 'Force 2-Step Verification' option under Company Settings > Preferences.

This option is only visible on the Company Settings page when the 'Force Two Step Verification' option is switched on on the All People page.

Switching the setting off on the All People page has no effect here.


Here are the steps you will need to follow to clear the '2-Step Authentication Required' message:

  1. Switch on Force Two Step Verification on the All People page for the user.

  2. Go to Company Settings > Preferences and uncheck the 'Force 2-Step Verification' option and save the changes.

Additional Information

To learn more about 2FA on AutoEntry, please click here.

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