Error: Email Address is Already in Use
How to clear the error message 'email address is already in use' when adding a new company to AutoEntry.
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You are receiving the error 'xxx email address is already in use. Please use another email address.'

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This error message can appear when you are adding a new company to AutoEntry and are trying to enter mailbox addresses for the purpose of uploading documents via email.


When creating a new company, a set of email addresses will be generated automatically to allow you to upload files via email. These will be generated based on the name you have entered for this new company.

On occasion, if another company exists on any account in AutoEntry with a similar name, these email addresses may already be in use by a different company/account. In this case, the error message will appear.


To resolve this error, you will need to edit these email addresses slightly to be completely unique. The easiest way to do this is to add some numbers or other extra characters to the email address.

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