How do I grant access to additional companies to an existing user on my account?

Applies To

  • Any billing user of an AutoEntry account looking to amend users' access.


You can edit any user's access on your account by following these steps:

  1. Click the All People tab (on the top right corner of the screen).

  2. Click the 'Edit' icon to the left of this user's name.

  3. Under 'Set up Access for:', select the Company option.

  4. Choose the company you wish to grant them access to from the dropdown menu.

  5. Under the Permissions tab, tick the box for a minimum of one area for this user to access. The changes will save automatically once any box is ticked!

Additional Information

Unlike when an invitation has been sent to a non-user to access a company and join AutoEntry, this user will not receive an email to let them know they have been invited to access this new company. Rather, they will just see this company in their company list when they next log in.

For a more in-depth guide on adding users and setting permissions, please see here.

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