The user is receiving the following error message when trying to publish an invoice to their accounts package.

The specified bank account details does not match a known bank account.

Applies To

Users marking invoices as paid before publishing.


This typically indicates that the bank account you are attempting to mark the invoice as paid for does not match the bank account in your accounting software exactly, preventing it from publishing. Usually this means that account details have been updated in your accounting software but have not been updated in AutoEntry.


In order to clear this error and publish your invoice successfully, please ensure the account you are selecting to mark the invoice as paid matches the account available in your accounting software exactly. To ensure the details are up to date, please do the following:

  1. Re-sync your company data and allow around 10 minutes for the new details to be pulled through to AutoEntry.

  2. Republish the affected invoice.

Additional Information

For a full guide on adding/selecting payment account when marking invoices as paid on AutoEntry, please refer to this article.

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