Will my processed invoices be released after I top up my credits?

Applies To

  • Users who uploaded invoices to a company where the credit balance was 0.



If you have uploaded invoices to a company, but there are no credits available on the billing user's account at the time, these will not be released into your Inbox.

When additional credits are added to the billing user's account, either purchased in bulk or by their monthly subscription renewing, these invoices will then be released automatically in your inbox.

No further action is needed on your part for these to be released. You do not need to reupload these files.

If these invoices were uploaded within three days prior to additional credits being added, then these should release within about an hour. If these were uploaded over three days prior, we ask that you allow up to 24 hours for these to show in your inbox.

Additional Information

  • For steps on how to add additional credits on to your account, please see here.

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