Can I publish invoices from my Archived tab?

Applies To

  • The Archived tab within the Sales and Purchases folders.


It is not possible to publish an Invoice from your Archived tab. To move an archived invoice back into your Inbox for publishing:

  1. Locate the invoice in your Archived tab within either Purchases or Sales.

  2. Tick the box on the left of the View icon of the invoice you'd like to unarchive -this can be done multiple times for any number of invoices. This will then reveal the Actions/Download buttons, located just beneath the name of the folder you're currently viewing.

  3. Click 'Actions'. This reveals a drop down menu where you can then move the invoice back to your Inbox by clicking the 'Unarchive' button.

  4. After clicking 'Unarchive', the chosen invoice(s) will be moved over to your Inbox. You can then follow the procedure to republish the invoice here.

Additional Information

  • You can view an overview of the Archive tab here.

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