There are some great features and design elements in AutoEntry's Purchases/Bills and Sales folders which can help you automate your data even further.

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But first, here is a quick video showing all these key features:

Invoice/Bill number available in the Inbox

You have the option to view the invoice number in your Purchases/Sales inbox list view. This can be switched on/off per company.

Simply go to your Company Settings and under the Preferences section you'll see the checkbox to turn the feature on or off.

Single Invoice View - Editing the Page Layout

When viewing an invoice/bill, you can edit the layout of the page to your preference. Using the Swap Panels button to the top right, you can alter between the invoice image being to the right or left hand side of the screen.

You can also edit the ratio of invoice image to extraction detail by dragging the vertical separator left or right, allowing you to set up the page layout that best suits your screen size and preference.

Both of these changes are automatically saved for you, so every invoice you view will be set to your new preference.

Error Notifications in Single Invoice View

While errors on invoices are highlighted in the inbox with the red warning sign, they are also visible in the single invoice view. This makes it more obvious when there is an issue with that invoice. The warning icon will appear at the top of the extracted data which you can then click on to view the specific issue.

Single Invoice View Layout Features

  • The Reject button can be found beside the Publish button as they are so regularly used together at the bottom of the extracted details.

  • The Item history and Share options can be found at the top right.

  • You will also see some quick scroll buttons where a Tax Summary or Line Items are present. Certainly, for large numbers of line items, this makes navigating the page much quicker.

Supplier/Vendor Statement Matching Notification

When an invoice has been matched on a supplier statement, you will see a notification on that invoice in the inbox. This improves efficiency when using the supplier statement reconciliation tool, and prevents editing that would accidentally un-match that invoice from the statement.

When viewing a matched invoice, there is a notification bar across the top to show that the invoice is already matched and certain fields are disabled from editing. If these fields are edited, the invoice will no longer match to the supplier statement. We have included the option to the top right to allow editing however, in case it is required before publishing the invoice.

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