The user is receiving the below error message when integrating a Sage 50 US company file on the AutoEntry Desktop Sync App via a Remote Data Access.

Connection to the company could not be established. There was a problem opening the company. Error returned: Unexpected Remote Data Access return value: SLALock Failure.

Applies To

  • AutoEntry Desktop Sync App.

  • Sage 50 US users.


To clear this error, please do the following:

  1. Open your company in Sage.

  2. Click on File in the top right hand corner and the drop-down below should appear.

  3. Click on Remote Data Access.

  4. Click on Pause Sharing.

  5. Close the Sage 50 US company.

  6. Re-attempt the connection to the Sage 50 file through the AutoEntry Desktop Sync App.

Additional Information

If the error persists after completing these steps, please contact our Support team via webchat for further guidance.

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