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Document Fetching: Understanding your Connection Status
Document Fetching: Understanding your Connection Status

A glossary of Document Fetching status errors.

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Your Document Fetching connection status shows the current status of your supplier's fetching connection and indicates whether it is working correctly. It will also inform you if there is an error that’s stopping AutoEntry from collecting documents.

This guide will outline the meaning of each status:

  • Login is successful

  • Login is unsuccessful

  • Additional information is required

  • Action required on supplier's site

  • Fetching cannot complete

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Login is successful

We have verified the login credentials and connected them to the supplier portal. Documents will be downloaded shortly.

Login is unsuccessful

We were not able to verify the login credentials. This is usually because the username or password was incorrect.

Additional information is required

The login credentials were accepted, but further security information is required. This could be answering some security questions, or obtaining a 2-factor authorisation code from the supplier's website.

Action required on supplier's site

We were able to verify the connection, but you will need to do something else on the supplier's site, such as verify your account or accept terms & conditions. Login to the supplier portal and complete these steps before continuing.

Fetching cannot complete

This may be because the supplier's site is down, or that AutoEntry's fetching feature is having some problems. If the latter is the case, please check our Live Service Updates page for further info.

Additional Information

  • Please contact our Support team via web chat or email ([email protected]) for further guidance if this error persists after completing any of the above steps.

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