In the instance where your auto-puvlished invoices fail to post to your accounts package, this article will go through the steps required to republish them.

Applies To

  • Auto-Published invoices.


To republish an Invoice that has been Auto-Published, you will need to do the following:

First Steps - Unpublishing

  1. From the Inbox, locate the Auto-Published Invoices that haven't posted successfully. This would be indicated by the absence of your accounting software's logo underneath the publish button.

  2. Select them using the checkbox function on the far left.

  3. Click on the Actions button.

  4. Select Unpublish.

  5. Once the invoice has been unpublished, the Publish Button will still show the invoice as being Auto-Published. This is normal.

Final Steps - Re-Publishing

To republish the invoices:

  1. Repeat the steps above, and select the option to Publish.

  2. The Auto-Published Invoices are now Re-published. Please allow average publishing times for these invoices to cross over to your accounts package. Once they have published, they will be tagged as normal with your accounting software's logo showing underneath.

Additional Information

If the following steps have not pushed the invoices through to your accounts package within the average publishing timeframe, you may need to reboot the sync of your data by disconnecting and reconnecting your integration before completing the above steps again.

  • For Sage 50 and QuickBooks Desktop, please check here.

  • All other integrations can be viewed here.

For Sage 50 and QuickBooks Desktop users, you can also try restarting your Desktop Sync App by following these steps.

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