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Default Supplier/Vendor Date Format
Default Supplier/Vendor Date Format

Setting a default date format per supplier or vendor

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When creating a company in AutoEntry, the date format selected is used to determine the date when extracting a bill or invoice. This is generally going to be the date format used locally for that company. However, there are times when a bill or invoice is received from a supplier or vendor from abroad where the date format they use is different to the local format. This can cause the date extracted to be incorrect in AutoEntry!

For example: the date 1/7/2021 would be the 1st of July using the UK date format but the 7th of January using the US date format.

To resolve this, you can set the default date format per supplier for those suppliers that use a different date format on their invoices.

Accessing the Supplier Settings:

You can access the supplier settings through either:

  • Company Contacts button on the company home page and click on the contact required:

  • Supplier Settings button when viewing an Invoice or Bill:

Setting the default due date per supplier:

On the supplier settings page that opens, simply select the required date format (UK, US or CAN) from the drop down menu:

Click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page to save the change.

Setting the default date in bulk:

You can also set the default date to multiple suppliers in bulk.

On the company contacts page, use the checkboxes to the left of the required suppliers and then click on the 'Select Date Format' button at the top:

A pop-up will appear confirming the companies you are setting the date for with a drop-down menu to select the required date format from:

Clicking 'Confirm' saves this setting for the selected companies.

Confirming the selected date format

The selected date format is shown on the supplier settings page for each supplier but also on the Company Contacts page under the Date Format column:

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