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Company Creation Screen Appearing on Every Login?
Company Creation Screen Appearing on Every Login?

What to do if you are getting the message "Let's create your first AutoEntry company" each time you log in.

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Each time you want to login to AutoEntry, you still receive the sign-up menu despite it previously being completed by you, your subscription is added, and your company is integrated with Sage.

Applies To

  • Users that signed up to AutoEntry with Sage Accounting/SBCA.


If you signed up for AutoEntry via the Sage stepper, the only circumstances where you would continue to see the stepper are:

a) You signed up as an Accountant user, and are logging in via your Sage Accounting product (rather than the standard AutoEntry login page). In this case you will always be taken to step 2 of the stepper menu (regardless of previously completing integrations or selecting to skip the stepper).

b) You haven't fully "completed" the stepper (regardless of user-type or whether you are logging in via Sage or AutoEntry). "Completed" in this case means:

  1. Completing all the steps in stepper; or

  2. After selecting to “skip” the stepper.

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