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To enable VAT Period Reporting for your company:

  1. Navigate to your Company Settings.

  2. Under the Accounting Settings section, enable VAT Period Reporting and click Save Changes.

Retrieving Invoices for a VAT Period

When the invoices for a specific (or multiple) VAT period(s) are required, follow these steps to retrieve all invoices for that period:

  1. Click on the search box with Choose Tag in it.

  2. A dropdown menu automatically appears with the available tags.

  3. Select the required tag. Multiple tags can be selected by repeating the process.

  4. All invoices with that tag will then be displayed with a grey tag icon showing what tag they belong to.

Adding Invoices to a VAT Period

  1. Use the checkbox to the left of the invoice or the master checkbox top left to select the desired invoices to be tagged.

  2. Once selected, click on Actions and select Tag from the dropdown menu.

  3. A pop-up window appears to select both the year and vat period required. The VAT period frequency can also be set under Company Settings.

  4. Click Apply Tag and the selected invoices will then be tagged to that VAT period.

Downloading Invoices for a VAT Period

After retrieving all invoices for a VAT period, you can download them into one CSV file. To download your invoices for a specific VAT period:

  1. Select all the invoices by clicking on the master check box and select all.

  2. Click on Download at the top and select Generic CSV.

  3. To clear the current selection of tagged invoices and return to the standard list view simply click on the 'x' for the tags in the search box.

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