AutoEntry has Rebranded!
There’s a new AutoEntry experience - here’s what you need to know.
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Starting today, the AutoEntry web and mobile app have been updated. New features are available, along with a new look and improvements that will make your overall experience much smoother!

Web App

You’ll see the changes when you access AutoEntry today. Just log in as usual to access your data, upload files, and more.

Apart from changes to the mobile app outlined below, there is no difference in how you use AutoEntry and no changes to how it integrates with accounting software.

Mobile App

Most mobile devices will have updated to the new app automatically, although depending on how your device is configured you may need to do this manually.

Aside from the new features and improvements detailed here, there are a couple of features that have been made unavailable on a temporary basis. Fast Mode, Multi-Upload and Append functionalities will be back in future releases of the mobile app. In the meantime, you still have the option to upload multi-page and multi-files via the web app or redirect to an email upload from your mobile device. Click here to see more information on this below.

New Features & Improvements

A new look for the mobile app

Similar to the web app, the look and feel of the mobile app have been completely revamped. This makes it much more cohesive than previous versions.

Performance and stability improvements

The latest operating system versions are being kept in mind, so the mobile app will remain compatible with newer devices.

Separate upload queues

Previously, the mobile app showed a combined queue of all uploaded invoices, processed or in processing.

The new mobile app has a dedicated queue viewable via the home screen for uploads that are still in the processing phase, meaning you have much better visibility of your processed invoices!

You can also see the total number of items in the upload queue on the home screen, along with the option to view those items within the queue.

UI improvements

Various UI improvements have been made to areas of the mobile app, including a more intuitive and descriptive preview screen for invoices. You now have better access to essential information and interactable elements on your documents.

All screens now have a new interface to ensure you have a much more fresh and user-friendly experience!

Refresh option

The new app has a refresh option! A "Pull to Refresh" action is now usable in the company switcher, allowing you to see new information in your company lists instead of needing to log out and back in.

Improved session management

The login flow for the mobile app has been enhanced. This now gives you better visibility of new information without the need to manually refresh your login session by logging out and back into the app.

Expense reports

Expense reports have a much clearer structure in the new mobile app! Distinguishing between editable and non-editable fields on reports is now a lot easier for you.

Improved camera function

The new mobile app's camera functionality is more refined and easier to use. Rather than having an in-app camera, the application now makes use of your own device's camera. Gallery modules are also available which allow for improved speed and quality of photo captures.

Temporarily Unavailable Features

Some features of the previous mobile app have been made unavailable on a temporary basis in the new application's first version.

These features are outlined in more detail below, along with steps you can use in the meantime to continue working without them.

Multi-Upload and Fast Mode

The Multi-Upload function allows you to select multiple files from your device's photo gallery and upload them all together as a zip file.

Uploading in Fast Mode allows you to take multiple consecutive photos and upload them in a single batch.


While Multi-Upload and Fast Mode are temporarily unavailable in the new mobile app, you will see a different selection screen for uploads:

  1. From the Choose Upload Method screen, click Select Multiple Files (Beta).

  2. You will be redirected to an email creation screen, with the recipient pre-filled as per the company and document folder you are uploading documents to.

  3. From there, you can select multiple images from your photo gallery and attach them to the email.

Please note

Due to the email document attachment limit, the upload size limit per batch is 25MB. You will still be able to view the processing phases of these documents within the mobile app after they have been uploaded.


The Append function allows you to capture multi-page invoices and receipts.


The same workaround as the Multi-Upload and Fast Mode functions can be applied here; you will be redirected to an email upload screen, and our system will process the files as a single item.

Alternatively, you still have the option to upload documents via the AutoEntry web app!

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