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Disconnect a client from AutoEntry - Sage for Accountants
Disconnect a client from AutoEntry - Sage for Accountants

How to disconnect a client from AutoEntry from within Sage for Accountants.

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You disconnect AutoEntry from your client on the Product tab of their 'Client details' page.

📎NOTE: If you disconnect, you lose access to any data you've created in AutoEntry for this client.

How to disconnect

  1. While viewing your client homepage, click the Products tab.

  2. On the AutoEntry tile, click Disconnect.

  3. A pop-up window appears, informing you that disconnecting AutoEntry from your SFA client will remove your access to the AutoEntry data associated with this client.

  4. Tick the box to confirm, and click Disconnect.

How do I reconnect?

To reconnect a client to AutoEntry, follow the same steps as you would when you connect them for the first time.

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